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Paul Brian Hubers is the editor of the International Journal of Nonviolence.


  • Paul Hubers, ed., International Journal of Nonviolence (Three Volumes, 1992 – 1998). Not A.U.
  • Paul Hubers, (With Abdul Aziz Said), “The Convergence of Global Nonviolence in the Middle-East,” International Journal of Nonviolence (1996): 182-95.
  • Paul Hubers, (With Mubarak Awad), “Nonviolence in the Intifada: Long-Term Costs and Values,” Peace Research (Winnipeg) 25/3 (August 1993): 61-70; Expanded from Paper Presented at the International Peace Research Association Conference in Kyoto, Japan (July 1992).
  • Paul Hubers, ed., Nonviolence in Violence: Approaches to International Conflict Resolution in Costa Rica, Ph.D. Dissertation, The American University School of International Service (Ann Arbor, MI: University Microfilms International, 1992), 437 pp. See Chapters 1-3, and/or Microfiche in A-V section of the Library, Call # 92-06912. His supervisor was Abdul Aziz Said.
  • ~Paul Hubers, “A Global Methodology of Nonviolence,” Gandhi Marg (New Delhi, India) 97 (April 1987): 7-19.
  • Paul Hubers, (With Abdul Aziz Said), “Karl Jung,” “Inga Thorsson,” & “Salvador de Madariaga”, in Linus Pauling, ed., (U.N.) World Encyclopedia of Peace (Oxford & NY: Pergamon, 1986), 4 Vols., s.v.

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