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Paul Mellon (1907 – 1999) was an American ruling class philanthropist. He was the son of Andrew W. Mellon, US Secretary of the Treasury (1921-32). wiki

During World War II Paul traveled to England and as Paul recalls he hooked up with his "brother-in-law, Colonel David Bruce, by then head of the European Office of Strategic Services (OSS)..." Paul notes that David "came over to England early in the war, ostensibly to work for the American Red Cross. It later transpired that even before Pearl Harbor David had been recruited by Major General William "Wild Bill" Donovan to be the General's right-hand man in London with the task of setting up an intelligence network... By the time I arrived, David had been in his new post for several months." [1]

During the 1950s Paul held trusteeships "at the National Gallery and the Virginia Museum, at the Mellon Institute in Pittsburgh and the Virginia Polytechnic Institute (VPI, now known as Virginia Tech), at the Fund for the Advancement of Education (an offshoot of the Ford Foundation) and the Conservation Foundation." He later adds that he served on the board of the Fund for the Advancement of Education's executive committee "from 1951 to 1957 with, among others, Walter Lippmann. In addition, because I knew Fairfield Osborn, longtime President of the New York Zoological Society and author of Our Plundered Planet, I joined him on the board of the Conservation Foundation during its early years from 1949 to 1956." [2]


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