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Pauletta Otis, Ph.D., "is a Senior Fellow at the Council on Faith & International Affairs. Before assuming a position as Senior Researcher for Religion and International Affairs at Pew Forum (2005-2005), she held the position of professor of Strategic Studies at the Joint Military Intelligence College (1997-98, 2002-2004). She was a tenured professor of Political Science and International Studies and chairman of the Political Science Department Colorado State University-Pueblo from 1989 to 2004 and continues to teach extended studies classes for the Colorado Consortium. She holds M.A. degrees in Anthropology and Political Science and a Ph.D. in International Studies from the University of Denver. She has also worked in the military security community as a Subject Matter Expert in areas of terrorism, counter-terrorism, and religious violence. Dr. Otis combines theoretical discipline and operational experience and has conducted field research in conflict situations around the globe, publishing on the topics of human rights, genocide, refugees, diasporas, religious violence, indication and warning systems, conflict management, peace operations, and asymmetric and urban warfare." [1]

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