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Jump to navigation Jump to search is the website of Americans for Peace Now (APN), the American sister organization to the Israeli Shalom Achshav. APN is the American voice of the Israeli organization, lobbying with the US government and raising awareness in the American Jewish community. [1]

Shalom Achshav describes its basic principles as "the right of Israel to live within secure borders and the right of [Israel's] neighbors to the same, including the right of the Palestinians to self-determination". [2]

The organization supports the right of Israel to exist, and also supports the creation of a Palestinian state in the current occupied territories. [3] It has urged the Israeli government to negotiate with the PLO. One of its primary projects is Settlement Watch, which monitors, publicizes, and protests to continue building of illegal settlements in the occupied territories. Shalom Achshav aims to convince the Israeli public that the settlements are not only a moral failure but that they cause increased economic hardship to Israel. [4]

Shalom Achshav was founded in 1978 by reserve officers of the Israel Defense Forces who believed that only a negotiated end to the conflict in the Middle East could bring true security to Israel and her people. Americans for Peace Now was founded in 1981 to support the Israeli organization.

They set up the Center for Israeli Peace and Security.

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APN National Headquarters
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