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Perry Link is on the Human Rights Watch Asia Advisory Committee and the advisory board for Beijing Spring magazine.

Perry Link, is Professor of East Asian Studies at Princeton University and he "specializes in 20th-century Chinese literature. He received his B.A. from Harvard in 1966 and his Ph.D. from Harvard in 1976." [1]

In 2005, Perry Link noted that "I am on the boards of Human Rights Watch/Asia and Human Rights in China (a group of Chinese based in New York), and was chair of the “Princeton China Initiative,” a group founded in 1989 by a generous grant from John Elliott ’51 that allowed Princeton to be a temporary home for 26 refugees of the 1989 events." [2]

"Professor Link also co-edited The Tiananmen Papers, which provided an inside account of key leadership deliberations over the Tiananmen democracy protests in 1989." [3] Coauthored with Andrew J. Nathan. [4]