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{{#badges:CoalSwarm|Navbar-LatinAmericacoal}}Petacalco power station is a 2,100 megawatt (MW) coal-fired power station in Petacalco, Guerrero, Mexico.

Pacífico coal-fired expansion project, known locally as Carboeléctrica Pacífico or by its official name Proyecto 62 CCE Pacífico, was a proposed three-unit addition to the plant. The first unit, Pacífico I, was brought online in March 2010. The other two units, Pacífico II and III, were announced as potential long-range projects but appear to have been cancelled.


The undated satellite photo below shows the Petacalco plant, which is near Petacalco, Guerrero.

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The six 350 MW units of the subcritical Petacalco power station were brought online in 1993-1994.[1]

Pacífico coal-fired expansion project

In December 2005, Mexico's Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE) contracted Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to begin construction of the Pacífico addition, which was announced as Mexico's first supercritical coal-fired power plant.[2][3] The Pacífico I expansion (also known as Petacalco Unit 7) began commercial operations in March 2010, with a gross capacity of 678 MW and a net capacity of 651 MW.[4]

Two additional units (Carboeléctrica del Pacífico II y III), projected to generate another 1400 MW, were both included in the government's energy portfolio as of 2010[5], and both appeared in the Mexican government's 15-year energy plans issued in 2011, 2012, and 2013. However, estimated completion dates for both projects slipped with each annual update. In the government's 2011 report, both plants were listed with projected completion dates between April 2021 and April 2023.[6] In the 2012 report, projected dates had slipped to 2024 for Pacífico II and 2025 for Pacífico III[7], and in the 2013 report, the dates were 2024 and 2026, respectively.[8] Neither plant appeared in the 15-year plan issued in 2014, and the 2014 report noted that price competition from natural gas had prompted a reduction in Mexico's use of coal for electricity generation[9], projecting that coal-fired plants would produce only 4.5% of Mexico's electricity by 2028 (down from 9.7% in 2012).[10]

Project Details of Pacífico

  • Sponsor: CFE (Comisión Federal de Electricidad)
  • Parent company: CFE (Comisión Federal de Electricidad)
  • Location: Petacalco, Guerrero, Mexico
  • Coordinates: 17.98365, -102.115439 (exact)
  • Status:
    • Unit 1: Operating
    • Unit 2: Cancelled
    • Unit 3: Cancelled
  • Gross Capacity:
    • Unit 1: 678 MW
    • Unit 2: 700 MW
    • Unit 3: 700 MW
  • Type: Supercritical
  • In service: 2010
  • Coal Type:
  • Coal Source:
  • Source of financing:

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