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Peter Armstrong "is the Director of the OneWorld International Foundation.

"A senior figure in British broadcasting and global new media, Peter Armstrong worked at the BBC for 20 years. He joined the corporation with a first from Oxford and an unfinished D.Phil in philosophy.

"As a producer and Head of Department he founded several path-breaking series in the area of development and human values, including Everyman and Global Report, which won the United Nations Association Peace Prize. In 1983 he started and produced The Domesday Project, the first multimedia initiative of the BBC, involving a million citizens in creating an interactive record of Great Britain. Later he become director of Network Television for the Elstree Centre and, in 1986, founded BBC Interactive.

"He left the BBC to become a founding Director of Word Pictures, an independent media and television production company, and Chairman of the MultiMedia Corporation, which he floated as a public company.

"In 1995, with Anuradha Vittachi, he launched OneWorld, which has grown into a portal,, bringing together over 1,600 partner NGO websites worldwide. It focuses on global issues and social justice and is produced by centres in twelve countries. Within OneWorld he has pioneered a number of cutting edge developments in ICT4D including: OneWorld Radio, OneWorld TV, the Open Knowledge Network and mobile phone based services for the poorest communities in Africa and India. Peter is currently Director of OneWorld International and a policy advisor to governments and international bodies on the use of information and communications technology for global sustainable development.

"In 2004 BAFTA awarded him their Berners Lee Lifetime Achievement Award for his work in interactive multimedia. He is a trustee of the charity Accenture Development Partnerships." [1]

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