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Peter Holran is a senior director of Wexler and Walker Public Policy Associates.

Holran joined WWPPA in January 1997. Holran worked for former Pennsylvania Repoublican Representative R. Lawrence Coughlin from 1988 to 1992. He then worked as the Executive Assistant (Deputy Chief of Staff) for the then Republican Congressman Robert S. Walker. "During this time, he served as a liaison with the various Republican Leadership offices," his biographical note states.[1]

Holran followed Walker to WWPPA who he now "works closely with ... developing and implementing public policy strategies on science, aerospace, and technology issues." His biographical note states that he also works "on issues related to international trade, education, tax, transportation, and the arts."

In a crisis management case study on the deaths caused by the Taser electric stun guns Holran described Wexlers role in the controversy as involving the "continual education" of politicians over three years. Speaking to PR Week Holran attributed the focus on Taser not to the number of deaths caused by the stun guns but to the success of the company and the fact that the guns are electric which he said was "a mysterious quantity to a lot of people." [2]

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