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Petr Beckmann was born in 1924 in Prague (then Czechoslovakia, now Czech Republic). He escaped with his family in 1939 to England and in 1942 Beckmann joined the Czechoslovak Air Force in the RAF. After World War II he returned to Czechoslovakia where he received a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering in 1949, a Ph.D. in 1955, and a D.Sc. from the Czech Academy of Sciences in 1962.[citation needed]

In 1963 he was invited as a Visiting Professor to the University of Colorado. Beckmann decided to stay there and he became a Professor of electrical engineering at that university which he remained until his retirement in 1981.[citation needed] In 1967 he founded Golem Press which also published some of his books.[citation needed] Beckmann even had his own magazine Access to Energy which has, after his death on August 3, 1993, been published by the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine (OISM). Beckmann believed that he had debunked Albert Einstein's theory of relativity with his "Galilean electrodynamics."[citation needed]


  • Petr Beckmann, Elements of Applied Probability Theory, Harcourt, Brace & World, 1968
  • Petr Beckmann, Depolarization of Electromagnetic Waves, Golem Press, June 1968, ISBN 9995711583
  • Petr Beckmann, Whispered anecdotes: Humor from behind the Iron Curtain, Golem Press, 1969, ISBN 0911762043
  • Petr Beckmann, A History of Pi, Golem Press, 1971, ISBN 0911762124
  • Petr Beckmann, The structure of language: A new approach, Golem Press, 1972, ISBN 0911762132
  • Petr Beckmann, Eco-hysterics & the Technophobes, Golem Press, January 1973, ISBN 0911762159
  • Petr Beckmann, Orthogonal Polynomials for Engineers and Physicists, Golem Press, March 1973, ISBN 0911762140
  • Petr Beckmann, Elementary Queuing Theory and Telephone Traffic, Flatiron Pub June 1976, ISBN 0686980727
  • Petr Beckmann, The Health Hazards of Not Going Nuclear, Golem Press, April 1977, ISBN 0911762175
  • Petr Beckmann, Hammer and Tickle: Clandestine Laughter in the Soviet Empire, Golem Press, 1980, ISBN 0911762205
  • Petr Beckmann, Einstein Plus Two, Golem Press, August 1987, ISBN 0911762396
  • Petr Beckmann, A. Spizzichino, Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves from Rough Surfaces, Artech House Publishers, August 1987, ISBN 0890062382
  • Petr Beckmann, Musical Musings, Golem Press, August 1989, ISBN 091176240X

Petr Beckmann also translated several books: [1]

  • L. Albertovich Weinstein, Theory of Diffraction & the Factorization Method: Generalized Wiener-Hopf Technique, Golem Press, December 1969, ISBN 0911762051
  • L.N. Zakharyev, A.A. Lemanski, and K.S. Shcheglov, Radiation from Apertures in Convex Bodies (Flush-Mounted Antennas), Golem Press, January 1970, ISBN 091176206X
  • Viktor V. Shevchenko, Continuous Transitions in Open Waveguides, Golem Press, January 1971, ISBN 0911762086
  • Y.S. Shifrin, Statistical Antenna Theory, Golem Press, October 1971, ISBN 0911762116

Petr Beckmann Award

The 'Petr Beckmann Award for courage and achievement in defense of scientific truth and freedom' is awarded at the annual meeting of the Doctors for Disaster Preparedness (DDP) which is closely linked to OISM. The following people have received the Petr Beckmann Award:

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