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Philip Bogdonoff "has over 20 years of experience supporting and promoting nonviolence, sustainable development, and the use of computer-based tools to facilitate improved planning and decision-making by nations and communities. He began in the 1980s building computer models to calculate the effect of tropical deforestation on the release of carbon dioxide. He helped launch the first academic research program on nonviolent sanctions in conflict and defense at Harvard, and later helped adapt the research for field use while at Nonviolence International. He contributed to the World Bank’s early efforts to measure more thoroughly the environmental status of nations. At the Millennium Institute he used computer models to expand the capacity of countries to assess their development options. More recently he has committed significant time and attention to local and regional sustainability initiatives, including: being a founding board member of the Sustainable Washington Alliance; educating youth about aquatic ecosystems and watersheds; and promoting partnerships for creating solutions to community development challenges." resume

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