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Philippe Schubik is one of the most important and interesting of the toxicologist working in the area of smoking and health, His role in helping -- and exposing-- the tobacco companies is still in dispute.

In the San Francisco University Legacy Tobacco Archive his name is spelled a number of ways, which makes searching the database difficult: the first name is given as Philippe and Phillippe (two Ls), and the anglicised Philip and Phillip (two Ls) and a couple of 'Phil'. The second name was the Germanic Schubik which he appears to have often Anglicised to Shubik. There are probably a few on-line references with a CK termination also.

The Toxicology Forum which is three years older than the ILSI (it was established in 1975) had Phillippe Schubik, who was then with the Eppley Institute at the University of Nebraska, as its President. It's Administrative Vice President was the ILSI President Alex Malaspina who was a Vice President at Coca-Cola. At this time many genuine scientists were involved in both the ILSI and the Toxicology Forum, and Shubik was probably flattered into providing this corporate-focussed operation with a front.