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"Philippe Van Nedervelde, M.A. Comm., FLF is LF’s International Spokesperson and Director, Informational Transparency Division... Notable other affiliations of Philippe’s include:

"Philippe has represented the Foresight Nanotech Institute in Europe since 1997. He does so primarily by means of multimedia presentations throughout Europe to audiences of all sizes and compositions (academic, business, governmental, civilian); by interfacing with the media; by representation at European Union level events such as EU parliamentary hearings and through assistance and support to US Foresight Executives when they visit Europe for presentations etc... In January 2004, Philippe was invited and participated, in his capacity as an international expert on emerging innovative technologies including nanotechnology, in a select Experts-Consultation External Working Group on Unconventional Security Threats, organized in Washington D.C. by the Strategic Assessments Group (SAG) of the US Central Intelligence Agency’s Directorate of Intelligence. The SAG is the Intelligence Community’s focal point for providing integrated assessments of long-term political, economic, military, and technology trends in key regions of the world. As such, it runs a program involving outside experts with intelligence community analysts to promote the exchange of ideas and knowledge...

"Philippe holds a master’s degree in communication as well as a post-graduate degree in Media and Information Science from the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium and is a Fellow of the Lifeboat Foundation. " [1]


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