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Piers Robinson "was awarded his Doctorate (Bristol) in 2000 examining the impact of news media coverage on humanitarian intervention. His work into this area has been published in the Review of International Studies, Media, Culture and Society, The European Journal of Communication, Political Studies and the Journal of Peace Research. His book The CNN Effect: the myth of news, foreign policy and intervention was published by Routledge in 2002. His research interests lie in the study of the impact of the news media on global political processes and practice, post Cold War intervention and media coverage of humanitarian crises and war.

"Recently he has completed a project (with Dr Eric Herring, University of Bristol) concerning the academic marginalization of the political writings of Noam Chomsky and a ‘Forum on Chomsky’, containing articles by Robinson and Herring, Noam Chomsky and other scholars, was recently published in the Review of International Studies. He is currently directing a two-year ESRC funded titled ‘Media Wars: News Media Performance and Media Management During the 2003 Iraq War’ (with Peter Goddard [Liverpool] and Robin Brown and Phil Taylor [University of Leeds]). The research will provide a comprehensive assessment of how different media outlets reported the war including the extent to which media both challenged and supported government policy over the course of the war." [1]

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