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Pinkerton Tobacco Co. (Leading producer of chewing tobacco in 1987): the leading producer of chewing tobacco in 1987


Pinkerton Tobacco was the leading producer of chewing tobacco in 1987 (J. Slade/NAP&M 1993). In 1987, Pinkerton introduced Masterpiece Tobacs, chewing gum impregnated with shreds of tobacco. This product, especially a sweetened 1 mg over the counter nicotine gum, was packaged neatly and did not require a spittoon (J. Slade/NAP&M 1993). The FDA determined that Masterpiece was food product chewing gum, and pointed that tobacco had not been approved as a food additive (J. Slade/NAP&M 1993). Pinkerton withdrew Masterpiece from the market (J. Slade/NAP&M 1993).

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