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"I am an Alexander Technique teacher, Wilderness quest/rites of passage guide and Council carrier/ trainer. I have studied, worked and taught in this field since 1988 when I shifted my life focus to the growth and healing of myself and others in relationship to the natural world...Along this road I came to train and then introduce ‘The Way of Council’, an individual and group practice of deep listening and speaking from the heart. My teacher was Gigi Coyle in the tradition of the Ojai Foundation. I love the way Council gives/finds/initiates peoples’ own voices. The Way of Council is a profound spiritual practice for me, a way of life. I’m moved and honored by the simplicity and the depth, to meet and be met in the present moment. I then created a unique program based on a synthesis of Council and Alexander Technique...

"My Vision Quest training began when I participated in a quest with Roshi Joan Halifax (Upaya), New Mexico. This age-old ceremony of rites of passage showed me that something was missing from my life and culture. It raised questions about what it means to truly grow up and take responsibility for my life and past relationships, with nature being my teacher and guide. I was completely blown away as I connected again to power, a source within the land and myself that I could never have dreamt possible. After many more vision quests I trained with Joan and later with Steven Foster & Meredith Little, at The School of Lost Borders. California USA...

"Along the way I am mother, a grandmother, a lover of wild adventure, a lover of art and poetry, William Blake & John Keats particular, nature and animals. I’ve also worked as a cleaner, a waitress and lived on the streets as a young person. I trained as a Dream therapist in 2002. And hold a wilderness first aid qualification. I was drawn to the mystical and visionary ways of being from the age of thirteen. And have practiced meditation for more than thirty years and much more. Today I live in the wilderness of North Wales where I offer retreat courses and Vision Quests. I also teach throughout in the UK, Europe and the USA."[1]

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