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PoliticalMavens.com is a political news and commentary Web site in the form of an RSS Feed. It is considered to espouse a conservative Jewish philosophy[1]. The manager(s) of this site do not appear to generate their own content, but instead link to other publishers and authors.

Binyamin L. Jolkovsky

The username PoliticalMavensEditor[2] appears on the right hand sidebar and links to this biography: “PoliticalMavens.com was founded and is overseen by Binyamin L. Jolkovsky.”

Jolkovsky is also the editor-in-chief of the Jewish World Review[1], an online magazine founded in December of 1997 an espousing a conservative Jewish political ideology.[3]


From the About Us[2] on Web site: “For all the hype — and let’s not delude ourselves, there’s A LOT of hype — too many blogs are contributing to the coarsening of American discourse… The goal of PoliticalMavens.com is to serve as a forum of enlightenment in an effort to clarify one’s thinking.”

The About Us page goes on explain that PoliticalMavens.com promotes the writings of experienced journalists instead of bloggers with less experience.[3] No author of the About Us page is listed, though some personal testimony and credentials are described: “As a former rabbinical student who spent years studying the Talmud, I know a thing or two about debate... It’s about informed analysis rather than speculation. And, most importantly, it’s about being passionate.”


The Home page [4] lists all posts in one feed, but a Topics tab [5] divides links into seven categories:

  • Pinpricks and Pummelings[6] (Politics)
  • Measure of Justice[7] (Law)
  • Peace Is Not the Question[8] (Terrorism)
  • Everybody’s a Critic[9] (Culture)
  • The Miscellany[10] (Miscellaneous)
  • In the Money[11] (Finance)
  • The Jesters [12] (Humor)


A right hand sidebar lists “PM Fellows”:


The bottom of every page says, “Copyright (c) 2006 POLITICAL MAVENS. All Rights Reserved.” While many of the links are up-to-date on the Home page and within the different categories, several pages (such as: Book Store [13], Support [14], Advertize [15], and Privacy Policy [16]) have only “Coming Soon!” as text.

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