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The Population Resource Center (initially called “Projects for Population Action”) "was the product of Henry McIntyre’s visionary concern. McIntyre, who served as the Chairman of the Board until 1982, established the Center in 1975 to stimulate greater foundation interest in funding “population” programs by providing them with professional assistance in understanding and evaluating the relevance of population issues to their own fields of interest. At the time, less than one percent of foundation funding was directed toward population-related activities...

"In 1979, the Center entered into a formal partnership with the Population Association of America (PAA), a professional association of demographers...

"During the late 1980's, with support from the MacArthur Foundation, the Center expanded into the international arena. A sister project was started in Africa: The Environment and Population Centre of Zambia. Similar program development began in Mexico, Costa Rica and Indonesia. The Center also joined the African Development Bank in developing an international conference “Africa in the 21st Century.”

"Beginning in 1993, the Center secured funding for programs on new aspects of domestic policy such as the prevention of teen pregnancy and welfare reform. With grants from the Houston Endowment, The Erik and Edith Bergstrom Foundation and the Educational Foundation of America, the Center produced programs to encourage individuals in states with responsibility for implementing welfare reform to increase the expenditure of funds to prevent teen pregnancy. In recent years, the Center has continued working with state and local policymakers in expanding and improving teen pregnancy prevention programs.

"In 1997, with the impetus of the United Nations Kyoto environmental conference, PRC received a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to organize a series of programs for members of Congress and staff on the relationship between population growth and increased greenhouse gas emissions. In 1999, the Center received a one million dollar four-year matching grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to organize 20 programs per year for Congressional staff, state and local policymakers and key constituencies on the impact of population growth on health and the environment...

"In 2001 and 2002, the Center received funding from the Ford Foundation to educate policymakers about the important demographic data collected by the “long form” used in the decennial census...

"In 1989, PRC moved its New York City office to Princeton, NJ and closed its San Francisco Office. The Center’s Washington office has been in continuous operation since 1975. Jane S. DeLung, who served as President for nearly 20 years, retired in 2007 and was succeeded by Robert J. Walker. M. Faith Mitchell, the Chair of the Center’s Board of Directors, succeeded Dr. Wayne Holtzman in 2004, who served as chair since 1999." [1]


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Web: http://www.prcdc.org

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