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The Google Group is the best place to ask questions, offer opinions or just to join the conversation.

You can also contact primary EPWiki staffers directly by sending e-mail to Dave Johnson or leaving a note at User_talk:AlanF.

If you have a general question about SourceWatch or the Center for Media and Democracy, contact Conor Kenny (email).


The Election Protection Wiki is proud to partner with the following organization in protecting every citizen's right to vote:


The Election Protection Wiki will provide critical information on threats to election integrity, including long lines, ballot shortages, erroneous application of ID standards and trouble-prone ballots and e-voting machines. Basic information, including the contact information of local election officials and election administration groups, will be collected for every state, but the focus is on the more at-risk states of Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Missouri, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

The Center for Media and Democracy, the proprietors of SourceWatch, are working in partnership with other grassroots organizations to protect every citizens' right to vote, particularly Why Tuesday?, which promotes solutions to increase voter turnout and participation in elections.

The goals of the EP Wiki are to provide useful information:

  1. Ahead of election day to election administration groups and public officials to better inform and target their election protection efforts;
  2. On election day to election administration groups and the media to help quickly determine the risk factors for jurisdictions reporting problems;
  3. After election day to election administration groups to provide a central index and repository of election administration information in order to better coordinate research and prevent duplication of efforts and to longer-term reform groups, public officials and academics to provide ready access to information on the specific problem areas in recent elections.

The Election Protection wiki will leverage the labor of two paid experts in election protection by enlisting existing online communities active in election administration issues to help collect and organize information. By hosting the project on the SourceWatch.org wiki, it will gain a wider audience via high search engine results and direct traffic and will take advantage of the established technical capabilities and research standards.

The Election Protection wiki will centralize information that is currently dispersed over a wide array of governmental, NGO and academic sites. This will help election administration groups, media and public officials quickly locate election administration information as well as prevent election administration groups from duplicating research efforts by determining what has already been done.