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According to the National Review and SPN's website, SPN was founded at the suggestion of President Ronald Reagan. In a conversation with Thomas Roe (a member of his "kitchen cabinet") in the 1980s, Reagan allegedly suggested Roe create "something like a Heritage Foundation in each of the states." SPN was formally created as an "umbrella organization" to provide "advisory services" for the web of state-based Heritage-like groups -- bankrolled by Roe and other conservative funders -- in 1992.

From 1992 to 1998, SPN operated in a relatively limited organizational capacity. Then, according to SPN, "SPN's Board of Directors realized the need for a stronger organization that would provide additional services. After extensive discussions, the existing Board took a bold and historic step in September 1998, dissolving itself and appointing a transitional Board to fulfill the broader role envisioned for the organization." SPN has continued to grow at a rapid rate, expanding from 43 member state think tanks in 2002 to 64 member state think tanks in 2013.

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