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The Potomac Advocates (PRASAM) describes itself as "a leading Washington-based consulting and lobbying firm [that] provides business-focused, comprehensive, and cost-effective services to some of the world's largest corporations, small and medium-sized businesses, and individuals.... [and as] a strategic planning, business development, and government relations group: [1]

"We are a full-service, representational partnership, not simply a management consulting firm providing studies and recommendations. We provide integrated business solutions for our clients. We work with them to identify business opportunities, establish precise objectives, and implement solutions. We combine our resources with those of our clients and affiliates to capture the program, market, or outcome (e.g., licenses, regulatory guidance or relief, finance) which our clients seek. We provide services in domestic, foreign and governmental markets."
"Each member of PRASAM maintains regular close ties to the leadership and key decision-makers in Congress, the White House, and federal agencies and departments. Whether a client needs a long-term presence or assistance with a specific project, the most important commodity in government is reliable information. These contacts with senior officials in Congress and the Executive Branch provide insight into the changing political dynamic and how it affects the client.
"PRASAM constantly monitors developments on Capitol Hill and in the Executive Branch offices. This enables it to advise clients of potential policy changes and significant initiatives as they are formulated, not after they have been completed.
"PRASAM has an established reputation for credibility and integrity in Congress and the Executive Branch--characteristics that are basic to success in Washington's policy-making environment. In addition to understanding the legislative and administrative policy process, PRASAM is equally experienced in the political dynamics of both political parties.
"There is no substitute for a firm grasp of the technical and procedural aspects of the legislative and administrative policy-making process. The process is governed by complex rules, procedures and traditions. Mastery of this process can mean the difference between success and failure. PRASAM has extensive hands-on experience and is thoroughly versed in the inner workings of the institutions of government. It couples this experience with sound political judgment."




Lobbying income

In 2007, Potomac Advocates had an income of $460,000 from lobbying on behalf of 15 clients. A few of the clients were General Dynamics, Goodrich Aerospace, and Raytheon Co. [3]

Contact details

Capitol Hill Office:
321 D Street, NE
Washington, D.C. 20002
Phone: (202) 547-4192
Fax: (202) 547-4674
Email: info AT potadv.com
Web: http://www.potadv.com


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