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The Power and Interest News Report (PINR) is an organization that provides conflict analysis reports using open source intelligence. They claim to use a politically neutral point of view in their reports:

"PINR approaches a subject based upon the powers and interests involved, leaving the moral judgments to the reader."[1]

The PINR offers a large amount of their product free, available on their website, and through an email service. The free content is offered in two forms [2]:

  • In Depth Reports:
provide readers an understanding of a conflict using the methods of power and interest political science; these analyses flesh out the historical basis and current state of a conflict and offer long-term guidance on the issues involved.
  • Intelligence Brief:
"brief in length and do not provide as many details as the in-depth reports...The purpose of the Intelligence Brief is to provide the latest information on a particular conflict and to provide 'actionable intelligence'"

The PINR is intentionally obtuse regarding their inner workings, but their listed client base[3] as well as their analysts exhibit a great deal of diversity.

The PINR is a International Relations and Security Network Primary Partner.

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  • The Power and Interest News Report
  • Chicago, Illinois United States
  • Phone: +1 (312) 242-1874
  • Email: inquiries AT pinr.com
  • Web: www.pinr.com
  • RSS feed: pinr.com/rss