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Premier Executive Transport Services, Inc. is an aviation contractor.

In December 2004 Washington Post journalist Dana Priest reported that the company had originally been incorporated in Delaware on Jan. 10, 1994. "On Jan. 23, 1996, Dean Plakias, a lawyer with Hill & Plakias in Dedham, Mass., filed incorporation papers with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts listing the company's president as Bryan P. Dyess. According to public documents, Premier Executive ordered a new Gulfstream V in 1998. It was delivered in November 1999 with tail number N581GA, and re-registered in March 2000 with a new tail number, N379P. It began flights in June 2000, and changed the tail number again in December 2003." [1]

Priest noted that Plakias had told the Boston Globe that "I'm not at liberty to discuss the affairs of the client business, mainly for reasons I don't know." [2]

Priest revealed that the directors and officers of the company "who appear to exist only on paper ... Bryan P. Dyess, Steven E. Kent, Timothy R. Sperling and Audrey M. Tailor are names without residential, work, telephone or corporate histories — just the kind of "sterile identities" that the CIA uses to conceal involvement in clandestine operations, said current and former intelligence officials." [3]

Priest reported that on December 1, 2004 the plane, "complete with a new tail number, was transferred to a new owner, Bayard Foreign Marketing of Portland, Ore., according to FAA records." [4]

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