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Pritzker Architecture Prize

"The prize takes its name from the Pritzker family, whose international business interests are headquartered in Chicago. Their name is synonymous with Hyatt Hotels located throughout the world. The Pritzkers have long been known for their support of educational, scientific, medical, and cultural activities. Jay A. Pritzker, (1922-1999), founded the prize with his wife, Cindy. His eldest son, Thomas J. Pritzker, the current president of The Hyatt Foundation, explains, “As native Chicagoans, it’s not surprising that our family was keenly aware of architecture, living in the birthplace of the skyscraper, a city filled with buildings designed by architectural legends such as Louis Sullivan, Frank Lloyd Wright, Mies van der Rohe, and many others.”...

"Many of the procedures and rewards of the Pritzker Prize are modeled after the Nobel Prize." [1]

2009 Jury Members

Accessed September 2009: [2]

Past Jury Members

Accessed September 2009: [3]

  • J. Carter Brown, 1979-2002 (Chair) - Director, National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.
  • Cesar Pelli, 1979-1982 - Architect, Dean, School of Architecture, Yale University
  • J. Irwin Miller, 1979-1984 - Chairman, Executive Committee, Cummins Engine Company, Inc., Architectural Patron
  • Philip Johnson, 1981-1985 - Architect, 1979 Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureate
  • Kevin Roche, 1983-1991 - Architect, 1982 Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureate
  • Lord Rothschild, 1987-2004 (Chair, 2003-2004) - Chairman, Board of Trustees, National Gallery of Great Britain
  • Frank O. Gehry, 1993-1995, 2003-2006 - Architect, Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureate 1989
  • Jorge Silvetti, 1996-2004 - Chairman, Department of Architecture, Harvard University, Graduate School of Design
  • Victoria Newhouse, 2005-2008 - Architectural Historian and Author, Founder and Director of the Architectural History Foundation
  • Carleton Smith, 1979-1984 (Secretary to the Jury) - Chairman, International Awards Foundation
  • Arthur Drexler, 1979-1986 (Consultant to the Jury) - Director, Architecture and Design, Museum of Modern Art New York
  • Brendan Gill, 1985-1987 (Secretary to the Jury) - Writer and Critic, The New Yorker
  • Stuart Wrede, 1987-1988 (Acting Consultant to the Jury) - Acting Director, Architecture and Design, Museum of Modern Art New York
  • Bill N. Lacy, 1988-2005 (Executive Director) - President, State University of New York at Purchase Architect



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