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Project Mad Hatter was a research project carried out by British American Tobacco starting in 1959 on the effects on nicotine on the body. It consisted of three parts:

  • Mad Hatter I- Preliminary Investigation of the Factors Influencing Demanding Habits and Literature Survey

Duration - approximately 4 months . Agreement signed - 24th February, 1959 . Intermediate Report due - 18th June, 1959 . Final Report - 22nd September 1959 . Cost - Swiss Fcs 16,000

  • Mad Hatter II - Investigation of the nicotine balance in moderate and in heavy smokers, and the study of the social and physiological factors in the smoking habit.

Duration - approximately 6 months. Agreement signed - 22nd September 1959 . Report due 25th April, 1960 . Cost - Swiss Fcs 35,000 12,9116 .

  • Mad Hatter III - Investigation of the Fate of Nicotine in the Body. Experiments on animals, followed by experiments on human beings. I

Work Commenced - late September 1960 . Duration - Approximately 18 months, was scheduled to end in March 1962.[1]

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