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Public Relations Depot

Public Relations Depot is a small family owned Chicago based Press Release Media Distribution company founded in 2000 by Niccolinas Soto and John Soto.

The goal here is to increase the number of featured stories and interviews that mention you or your business. Our solutions are about connecting with consumers by marketing to them on a personal level.", Public Relations Depot states on it's website.


Niccolinas Soto , CEO John Soto, COO


Clients listed in Public Relations Depot's website includes:

Bangledox Eco Friendly Clothing

Lefteris Natural Skincare

Jeanette's Patisserie

My Pair Tree

All Affordable Construction

Designs by Ami

Sorting with Style

Your Couture Kid


Caleb Clothing

Certain Style

Kelly-Lynn (Musical artist)

Oh Cheri Lingerie

April Robins (author)


Cozy Petal

Rashida B. (Makeup and Grooming)

Bioage USA

Soapies Supplies

Contact details

Public Relations Depot Chicago,IL 60611 Headquarters: 734-501-6156 Web: [[1]]