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Reginald Ruggles Gates wiki the former husband of Marie Stopes.

David Stannard writes that:

"The Associate Editors and Advisory Board of" The Mankind Quarterly "were cut from the same cloth. They ranged, among numerous others of like background, from Henry Garrett, a former pamphleteer for the White Citizens’ Councils, to Corrado Gini, the leader of fascist Italy’s eugenics movement under Mussolini; from R. Ruggles Gates, a scientist-poseur singled out in a 1948 issue of the American Journal of Physical Anthropology as not merely a “racist,” but a “super-racist” (1948:385-87), to Count Otmar Freiherr von Verschuer, a leading race scientist in Nazi Germany whose one time assistant, Joseph Mengele, Auschwitz’s reviled “Angel of Death,” used to send him sample body parts (including pairs of eyes) from his experiments on prisoners in the death camps." [1]

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