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Russia Today or RT is an international 24-hour English-language TV station and media outlet headquartered in Russia. It was established in 2005 by the Russian government-owned RIA Novosti as "a sort of Russia's BBC".[1] After the BBC, RT is the most popular foreign news source in the United States. RT "has a daily audience 6.5 times bigger" than the next-most-popular foreign news source, al-Jazeera.[2]

Russia Today was established and is run by Russian oligarchs beholden to the Russian government. Its reporting is generally accurate but biased in favor of the Kremlin. The network claims impartiality.

The first chief editor of RT was Margarita Simonyan, who was appointed to that position at the age of 25. During the 2011 pro-democracy demonstrations in Russia, Simonyan tweeted that the older leaders of the demonstrations, whom she blamed for "chaos and rioting", should "burn in hell".[3][4][5]


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