Race, Poverty, and the Environment

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Race, Poverty, and the Environment - a Journal published by Urban Habitat.

"In 1990, the journal was founded as a joint project of the Urban Habitat Program and the California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation’s Center on Race, Poverty & the Environment. Since January 2004 RP&E has been solely a project of Urban Habitat.

"As described by founding editors Carl Anthony and Luke Cole in the first issue of RP&E published on Earth Day April 20, 1990, "The idea for the Race, Poverty and the Environment Newsletter grew out of a caucus of interested people at the University of Oregon's Public Interest Law Conference, held March 1-4 1990. Caucus participants recognized the importance of increased attention to the nexus of race, class and environmental issues and the need for a forum in which to continue their dialogue."" [1]

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