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Radio Media Tours "allow a spokesperson to be interviewed by several radio outlets in different media markets within a few hours. ... Interviews are via telephone with radio reporters, news producers or talk show hosts, are either live or taped, and last 5-10 minutes each. Radio Media Tours target radio outlets for size, region and format, book interviews and prepare and supply background materials for interviewers." [1] Strauss Radio Strategies, Inc.(SRS) , for example, states that it "commonly books radio media tours in hour-long intervals and usually five to six interviews take place during each hour." [2]

Radio Media Tours are set up, SRS states on its website, with a number of various radio outlets including: "national networks, nationally syndicated shows, statewide radio networks, regional radio networks, and local radio stations in the country's top markets". [3] Radio Media Tours can also be done with African American and Spanish language stations.

Some of the radio networks that are booked for radio tours, Strauss Radio Strategies states, include "American Urban Radio Network, Associated Press Radio Network, Bloomberg Business Radio,CBS Radio Network, and the CNN Radio Network." [4]


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