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Rafael Berber is an entrepreneur in the global wealth management and investment industry and currently resides in the United Kingdom. He is the co-founder, chief investment officer and managing partner of RP Capital Group, an independent investment firm located in London.


Before embarking on a career in the financial realm, [1]Rafael Berber achieved a BA degree in Economics from Tel Aviv University in Israel. After moving abroad to the United States, Mr Berber continued his education and achieved an MBA degree in Finance from New York University, which was awarded with distinction.

Early Career

At the start of his career in finance, Rafael Berber worked for Merrill Lynch in the United States where his roles included serving as Vice Chairman of Global Capital Markets Financing and also as Global Head of the Equity-Linked Products Group. During his 16 year tenure at the wealth management wing of the Bank of America, Mr Rafael Berber spearheaded the development of the firm's equity derivatives and emerging markets businesses.

RP Capital Group

Founded in June, 2004 by [2]Rafael Berber, RP Capital Group specialises in emerging markets and provides financial advisory services. The company's services involve investment in geographically diverse public and private companies across a range of industries, with specific focus on power and energy. [3] RP Capital Group operates predominantly in Eastern and Central Europe, Africa and the Middle East and works mainly with liquid investments, private transactions and real estate. [4] The RP Capital Group team of financial experts hail from varied backgrounds but have experience and financial acumen in common. All team members are individually accountable and subscribe to the company's investment philosophy.


[5] Rafael Berber and RP Capital Group are actively involved with numerous charitable drives that are in support of young people facing hardships. Mr Berber has been supportive of the Prince's Trust Invest in Futures Committee from 2005. Started by Prince Charles, the Prince's Trust offers practical training and development programs and financial help to disadvantaged youths in the UK aged 13 to 30. Rafael Berber is also involved with Debate Mate, an organisation that helps run debate clubs for young people on weekdays in deprived areas. The objective of Debate Mate is to empower the youths with skills training that will serve to equip them in the work world in later years through improved social mobility.

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