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The Rainforest Foundation FUND "was created in 1999, after ten years of working as Rainforest Foundation International.

"STING and Trudie Styler founded Rainforest Foundation International in 1989. Its aims were to promote worldwide awareness of the need to conserve the tropical forests, to support the indigenous peoples in their efforts to conserve their land and develop their sustainable methods of resource management, to protect them against any violation of their rights which are universally recognized in International law.

"Composed of Three national organizations :

"In its early years Rainforest Foundation International and its national organizations focussed their action in Brazil through its Brazilian's office Fundacao Mata Virgem.

"It has achieved its goals to demarcate the Mekranoti territory, the land of the Kayapo' Indians, an area as big as Switzerland, after five years of struggle, taking action to defend their land from invasion and subsequent destruction of their unique ecosystem...

"In 1999, Rainforest Foundation International was replaced by Rainforest Foundation FUND." [1]


Web: http://rainforestfoundationfund.org

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