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"Dr. Merkle received his B.A. in Computer Science, U.C. Berkeley, 1974, his M.S. Computer Science, U.C. Berkeley, 1977, and his Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Stanford, 1979. Thesis: Secrecy, authentication, and public key systems.

"His current research interest is molecular manufacturing (also called nanotechnology). The central objective of molecular manufacturing is the design, modeling, and manufacture of systems that can inexpensively fabricate most products that can be specified in atomic detail.

"This would include, for example, molecular logic elements connected in complex patterns to form molecular computers, molecular robotic arms or Stewart platforms (e.g., positional devices) able to position individual atoms or clusters of atoms under programmatic control (useful if we wish to make molecular computers and other molecular manufacturing systems), and a wide range of other molecular devices.

"Dr. Merkle is an executive editor of the journal Nanotechnology, (published by IOPP) which publishes a broad range of articles both on molecular manufacturing and nano-scale research in general. He is a former Director of the Foresight Institute and chaired both the Fourth and Fifth Foresight Conferences on Molecular Nanotechnology, and a member of ACM, ACS, APS, and IEEE. He is also a Director of the Alcor Life Extension Foundation." [1]

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