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Raphael J. Witorsch MD, aka Ray Witorsch (also lists himself as "MD, Ph.D. Physiologist, Med. College of Virginia") was the younger brother of Philip Witorsch Professor of Medicine at Georgetown University. They were both close associates of Sorell Schwartz and Nancy Balter in creating and operating the tobacco industry's Indoor Air Pollution Advisory Group (IAPAG), and its consulting front (also listed at the university) known as the Center for Health and Human Toxicology (CEHHT). (This appears to have been a private company, not a university division.) Later they also created the International Center for Toxicology & Medicine to prepare for retirement.

Ray Witorsch became involved with most of his brothers' operations, but he was never as active as Philip. Essentially he provided the tobacco industry with pseudo-expertise on the health effects of indoor air pollution, despite the fact that he was at the Medical College of Virginia and did no research on air quality or its health effects. He worked secretly for the tobacco industry (directly) through the Medical College of Virginia also, and he used the same front organisations at Georgetown University for many of his activities. His close associates were S James Kilpatrick who was in partnership with David A Weeks, another long-term tobacco lobbyist working though the same organisations. Weeks had a dubious company called Per-Med Corp.. It was all a very cosy and incestuous medical-science lobbying business.

Rafael's deposition in the California vs Philip Morris case (June 24 2000) is at [2] In this he admits that he had a close (weekly) relationship with Mark Reasor, a Professor of Pharmacology at West Virginia Uni, (a toxicologist and member if IAPAG also).


Philip Witorsch   IAPAG   CEHHT
Sorell Schwartz   Nancy Balter
S James Kilpatrick   David A Weeks
Mark Reasor
Intl. Center for Toxicology & Medicine

In his 2000 depositions he says he has qualifications in:

  • Batchelor of Arts in Biology from New York University in 1963
  • Master of Science in Physiology from Yale in 1965
  • PhD in Physiology from Yale in 1968

1968-70 Post doctorate fellowship in Endochronlogy at University of Virginia
1970 became Assistant Professor in Medical College at Virginia Commonwealth University
1988 Professor at the same university.

[Note he uses the MD and PhD qualifications, but doesn't appear to have a medical degree.

He says that, since 1984, he does his consulting work through the Center for Environmental Health and Human Toxicology (CEHHT), in Washington which he says is a "private consulting group with a wide variety of clients." They handle the billing of clients. The principal administrator of CEHHT is his brother Philip. They do chemical toxicology work for the food industry also. He bills out at $400 per hour -- he gets half and the CEHHT takes the other half. He consults on ETS for the tobacco industry but not on active smoking.

Documents & Timelines

1990 Oct 11 (The Tobacco Institute's ETS Group in Action)
The Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) is holding hearings on the banning of smoking on interstate buses. These are the scientific submission funded by the Tobacco Institute using the ETS Group listings of Philip Morris.

"Critical comments were filed by:"

[Every one of the above was a life-long tobacco shill.] [3]


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