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Rasky Baerlein Strategic Communications (RBSC) is a public relations company headquartered in Boston with an office in Washington D.C. They do not disclose a client list on their website. [1]


Their PR work includes "defeating a referendum, quelling an emerging crisis, or stopping harmful legislation." Examples: [2]

  • Lobbying
  • State & municipal procurement
  • Political analysis
  • Grassroots organizing and coalition building
  • Ballot question management
  • Crisis and reputation management
  • Media relations
  • Media training (of the client), "Squeezing your message into a 15-second sound byte, answering convoluted questions clearly, recognizing baited questions — these are among the challenges presented when working with the media"


Top executives:[1]

Income and employee totals

RBSC earned $7,294,321 in net fees in 2007, up 10.6% on the previous year. The firm has 32 employees. [3]

PR Week ranked Rasky Baerlein as the forty-eighth largest independent PR agency in the United States in 2008, with 2007 revenue of $7,783,283, a 10% increase from the previous year's total revenue of $7,069,163. The ranking also notes its staff total of 34 (2006 total: 32), with $228,920 in revenue per employee.[4]

Contact details

70 Franklin Street, 3rd Floor
Boston, MA 02110
Phone: (617) 443-9933
Fax: (617) 443-9944
Email: hbrady AT rasky.com
Web: http://www.rasky.com


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