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Biographical Details

"Raz Rasool, a Kurdish-American, has Degrees in Electrical Engineering, Electronics, and Communications from the Sallahadin University in Erbil, Iraq, and is presently completing her Masters of Business Administration through the Keller Graduate School of Management. Raz worked in the resistance against Saddam, and then escaped from Iraq and came to the U.S. in 1998, after Saddam’s troops attacked Kurdistan. She settled in Virginia, found work as an Electrical Engineer, and earned her U.S. citizenship.

"While Raz loved her more peaceful life in the United States for her family, her desire to help bring peace opportunity to her native country burned on. Raz has seen Saddam’s atrocities first-hand, and social activism has become a way of life for her. In 2003, following the regime change in Iraq, Raz met with a group of like-minded women and co-founded the Women's Alliance for a Democratic Iraq (WAFDI), an NGO dedicated to freedom and equal rights in Iraq. Later in 2003, Ms. Rasool went to Baghdad to work with the Coalition Provisional Authority, as a member of the Iraqi Reconstruction and Development Council. Upon her return to the States, she continued to tour and speak out for human rights in Iraq. In 2005, Raz followed her heart, took her children out of school, and she and her husband and family returned to Kurdistan to continue the struggle for prosperity and equality in Iraq. That year, Raz joined with Generation Iraq and is the Director of that organization for Kurdistan. The mission of Generation Iraq is to improve the lives and outlook of individuals and communities in Iraq through hope and opportunity. She is also the Director for the Kurdistan region for AIX Global. AIX Global is a U.S. based company supplying quality medical equipment and supplies to Iraq.

"Raz is married to Shwan Zring, a fellow activist and social reform advocate working for a brighter future in Iraq. They have two children, Lana and Aran, and reside in Sulaymanaiah. " [1]

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