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Reason, Inc. is a New York-based marketing strategy consulting firm that is active in four areas: Reason-Based Strategy, Motivation Engineering, Marketing Contingencies and Actionable Futurism.

Unlike most communications companies and marketing consultancies, Reason, Inc. maintains a decidedly low profile, publishing neither client lists nor details about processes and methodologies.

According to industry insiders, Reason, Inc.'s "Marketing Contingencies" practice is rather unique, focusing on the impact of political, ecnomic and social crises on corporate or government strategy. It is believed that several governments are among the company's clients.

"Motivation Engineering" is likely not a practice, but a descriptor for Reason, Inc.'s approach. Though his background is in brand planning, which emphasizes attitudes, Babej's writings indicate a focus on behavior. Motivation Engineering likely related Reason, Inc.'s strategic interaction management approach, which uses database integration to analyze behavior patterns and develop interactions that are customized to defined behavioral segments.

Marc E. Babej is the president.

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