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Redmond O'Hanlon "was born in Dorset and studied at Oxford University. From 1970-1974 he was a Member of the Literature panel of Arts Council England, and in 1982 was elected a member of the Society for the Bibliography of Natural History. He has written several travel books, recording various journeys he has made, the most recent being Trawler (2005), an account of a journey through the North Atlantic from Stromness to Greenland. Into the Heart of Borneo (1984) records a journey to the mountains of Batu Tiban with poet James Fenton, and Congo Journey (1996) is an account of a 6-month trip through the rainforest of the northern Congo basin.

"Redmond O'Hanlon was Natural History editor of the Times Literary Supplement for fifteen years, and is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and the Royal Society of Literature. He lives near Oxford." [1]


  • Into the Heart of Borneo Salamander, 1984
  • Joseph Conrad and Charles Darwin: The Influence of Scientific Thought on Conrad's Fiction Salamander, 1984
  • In Trouble Again:A Journey Between Orinoco and the Amazon Hamish Hamilton, 1988
  • Congo Journey Hamish Hamilton, 1996
  • Into Deepest Borneo Readers' Digest, 1997
  • Borneo and the Poet Penguin, 2005
  • Trawler Penguin, 2005

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