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Reena Bernards "is a trainer in conflict resolution, leadership and organizational development and multicultural diversity. Her clients include the U.S. Agency for International Development, National Peace Foundation, League of Women Voters and the New Israel Fund. Ms. Bernards organized a historic dialogue between Israeli and Palestinian women at the United Nations End of Decade Women's Forum at Nairobi, Kenya in 1985. She has done extensive public speaking nationally and internationally on inter-ethnic conflict resolution, as well as the Middle East peace process. She has led international training workshops with leaders in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Canada. She was a facilitator for the "Transcaucasus Women's Dialgoue" with women from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. Bernards is the author of "Pioneers in Dialogue" in A Narrow Bridge: Jews and Multiculturalism, edited by M. Brattschneider (Rutgers University Press, 1996); and "Forging Across the Borders of Conflict: Women's Diplomacy" in Women at the Center: Developement Issues and Practices for the 1990's, edited by G. Young, V. Samarasinghe, K. Kuesterer (Kumarian Press: West Hartford, Conn., 1993). Ms. Bernards holds a masters in public administration from Harvard University and bachelors of sociology from Brandeis University. She is certified as a mediator by the Center for Dispute Resolution. Ms. Bernards lives in Washington D.C."[1]

Along with Dr. Najat Arafat Khelil, she co-founded The Dialogue Project. [1]

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