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Regan Communications Group (RCG) is a PR company that provides public relations services to corporations, non-profits, start-ups, individuals, and "causes". Their website states that their staff is drawn from the media, government, and advertising.


The company was founded in 1983.

PR work

  • Media relations
  • Community relations - "A small-town road race. A big-city charity event. A strategic appearance. Regan creates community relations opportunities that generate recognition for companies."
  • Special events - corporate functions
  • Crisis management
  • Government relations (Lobbying) - they "provide strategies for initiating favorable legislation, making allies of key elected officials and getting government recognition of worthy accomplishments"[1]


The top three executives which are located in their Boston office headquarters are:[2]

Income and employee totals

O'Dwyer's PR lists RCG as earning $15,011,000 in net fees in 2006, up 10.8% on the previous year. The firm has 74 employees. [3]

In 2007, net fees increased to $21,014,000. [4]


Some of their clients are:[5]

Contact details

106 Union Wharf
Boston, MA 02109
Phone: (617) 488-2800
Email: info AT


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