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Renaissance Weekend is an exclusive elite retreat, founded in 1981 by Philip Lader, the former U.S. Ambassador to the UK, and his wife, Linda LeSourd Lader, who is President of the Renaissance Institute. [1] Renaissance Weekends are private, invitation-only retreats for leaders in business and finance, government, the media, religion, medicine, science, technology and the arts.

Conversations are strictly off the record and subject matter ranges widely, tending to focus heavily on policy and business issues.


Renaissance Weekends are "family retreats for innovative leaders now organized by the Renaissance Institute". [2]

The Renaissance Weekend between December 27, 2004, and January 1, 2005, in Charleston, South Carolina, was billed as attracting 1200 "mover and shakers" including Richard Viguerie and Frank Luntz. "Civility prevails; partisanship is frowned upon, and commercialism is banned. The participants' only common denominators are innovative achievement, a 'renaissance spirit' with broad-ranging intellectual interests, and personal qualities which allow more light than heat," Lader wrote in a media release. [3]

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