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The Renewable And Sustainable Energy Group exists to 'the group runs regular seminars in the House of Commons, publishes a newsletter and helps its members to raise sustainable energy issues in Parliament'


The group's activities are funded and administered wholly by PRASEG Ltd, a company that derives its income from three sources: subscription fees; money raised from ticket sales to events organised as part of the group's work; and sponsorship.

Membership fees of £500 received from each of the following: ALSTOM Power Flow Systems, Association for the Conservation of Energy, Association of Electricity Producers, Babtie Group Ltd, Bank of Scotland (Corporate Banking), Biffa Waste Services Ltd, Birmingham City Council, BNFL, BP plc, British Asscociation for Bio Fuels and Oils, British Cement Association, British Sugar, Centrica plc, Cinergy, Clarke Energy Ltd, Corporation of London, Cory Environmental Ltd, DEFRA, Ecotricity, EDF Energy, Energy Developments, Environmental Services Association, Environment Agency, ERM Energy, Ernst & Young, Fibrowatt Ltd, Fichtner, Folcrum Consulting, Fortum, Friends of the Earth, Future Wind Ltd, Greater Manchester Waste Ltd, Greenergy Carbon Partners, Heat Pump Association, Ilex Energy Consulting Ltd, Johnson Matthey, National Energy Services, Natsource-Tullett, Natural Environment Research Council, NEG Micon UK Ltd, OfGem, OFREG, Onyx Environmental Group plc, Onyx Aurora Ltd, Ove Arup & Partners International Ltd, Renewable Energy Systems Ltd, RSPB, ScottishPower, Shanks Group plc, Society of British Gas Industries, SE London Combined Heat and Power Ltd, The Met Office, Utilicom, Wimpey Energy Ltd, Waste Recycling Group plc, Wessex Biofuels Ltd, Whitby Bird & Partners Ltd, Woking Borough Council, Your Energy (registered August 2003.

Other sponsorship: BG MicroGen £5,000; BG Group £2,750, National Grid £6,000; BWEA £1,000; Shell, £3,000; AEA Technology £2,000; Innogy £11,600; The Carbon Trtust £5,000; PowerGen £6,000; Transco Affordable Warmth Programme £2,750 (registered August 2003).

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