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" is also significant as a major information ̳node‘ for online conspiracy culture. functions as a ̳one-stop information shop‘, presenting conspiracy-related news stories from other conspiracy sites across the Net, as well as presenting site-specific material. Some of the sites regularly used as content sources in this way include far right American news sites News With Views, World Net Daily, and American Free Press, and the personal websites and blogs of Illuminati conspiracy theorists such as Henry Makow, Paul Drockton, and Joan Veon. Regular readers of the site thereby get a good spread of conspiracist news from across the conspiracist web sphere. Because of the wide range of news stories featured on the site, is also regularly used as a source of news by other conspiracy sites. Notable examples of these include the website of leading British conspiracy theorist David Icke, the New Zealand conspiracy news site Uncensored, and the New Age conspiracy site Sign of the Times." [1] This PhD refers to the "extreme anti-Semitism that informs the Zionist-Illuminati conspiracist worldview that is predicated upon." (p.228)

The web site is edited by Jeff Rense.

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