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Republic of Congo is a country in west central Africa on the Equator with a population of about four million and capital city of Brazzaville. The jungle in the north is mostly uninhabited. [1]

The BBC says of the country, "the former French colony experienced the first of two destructive bouts of fighting when disputed parliamentary elections in 1993 led to bloody, ethnically-based fighting between pro-government forces and the opposition. A ceasefire and the inclusion of some opposition members in the government helped to restore peace. But in 1997 ethnic and political tensions exploded into a full-scale civil war, fuelled in part by the prize of the country's offshore oil wealth, which motivated many of the warlords." [2]


The BBC says of the country's media:

News broadcasts on state-run radio and television stations generally reflect the government line. A 2001 press law abolished jail sentences for libel and insult, but retained the punishment for incitement to violence and racism. The newspapers which appear in Brazzaville are all privately-owned. Some of them carry criticism of the government.[2]



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