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The Resource Center for Nonviolence "is a twenty-seven year old peace and social justice organization dedicated to promoting the principles of nonviolent social change and enhancing the quality of life and human dignity. Our work takes place here at home in California, throughout the United States, and around the world. The Resource Center for Nonviolence offers a wide-range of educational programs in the history, theory, methodology, and current practice of nonviolence as a force for personal and social change. Founded in 1976, the Resource Center has developed a variety of formats to explore the meaning of nonviolence and its prospects in shaping our daily lives and our work for social change. Located in Santa Cruz, California, the Resource Center has an international focus that extends as wide as the world is round. Our interns come from as far as Bosnia, Herzegovnia, or as near as down the street. Our programs focus on places as far as the Middle East, and as near as Southern Mexico and our own neighborhood. Please explore our web site and take the time to discover what we feel activism means in the 21st century." [1]

"RCNV’s Middle East Program agrees with the statement by Rabbis For Human Rights-North America, that, “As Jews, committed to the dignity of all human beings, we affirm the human rights of those civilians in Gaza suffering from the Israeli blockade, and those in Sderot suffering from the attacks by Kassam rockets fired from Gaza. Both the blockade and the shelling of civilian areas are serious human rights violations. As American citizens, we urge our government to move both parties towards an end to hostility and violence. We reaffirm the statement of [Rabbis for Human Rights] in Israel that any effort aimed only at one side in this conflict will not stop this unfolding desecration of all that we hold sacred… Neither military solutions nor occupation have led to the end of the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, and the loss of life and desecration of human rights continues. Until the day of peace between Israelis and Palestinians arrives, both parties, as well as the world leaders who influence them, must work to end the violent responses that exacerbate human suffering.” " [2]

  • Scott Kennedy, Coordinator, Middle East Program, Resource Center for Nonviolence

Steering Committee

"The Steering Committee is currently made up of Peter Klotz-Chamberlin, an independent electrician; Darrell Darling, a local reverend and owner of the Darling House on West Cliff Ave; Shannon Spencer, a reverend at the First Congregational Church; and Dorah Rosen who works with our GI Rights Counseling team and is involved with the Palestine Israel Action Committee." [3]


Accessed July 2009: [4]


515 Broadway
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Phone: (831) 423-1626
Fax: (831) 423-8716

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