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From 1979: "Bob Beck was a physicist, holding a Ph.D in physics from the University of Southern California. He was also previously a Professor at the University of California. He is a researcher and inventor who likes to improve upon other people’s inventions. His version of the Brain Tuner has been used successfully to alleviate insomnia, depression, anxiety and addictions. He is also the inventor of the strobe flash light. He has been nominated by a Mexican hospital for the Noble Prize for his research in developing an aids cure. He believed that he would not receive the prize, which he did not, because he is not a “team player” in the organized health field. Leading Edge Newspaper publishers Kenneth and Dee Burke interviewed Bob Beck at the Global Sciences Congress in Denver, Colorado, where cutting-edge, innovative information continues to be presented year after year." [1]

"In the 1980's, he operated his own company during a time when he did extensive research on the brain. He developed a powerful electroencephalograph unit. This research eventually led him to Dr. Margaret Patterson, a Scottish surgeon, visiting the US from England. Dr. Patterson's work was featured in the January 1983 issue of Omni magazine when Peter Townsend, a British rock star, went public after stopping his slide into "drugged oblivion". The article, "Brain Tuner", by Kathleen McAuliffe caught Bob Beck's attention. Dr. Patterson had developed a "black box" to help her patients with their addictions after working with Dr. H. L. Wen in Hong Kong using electroacupuncture. Dr. Wen had discovered some of his patients were overcoming addictions without severe withdrawal symptoms. Bob Beck subsequently developed his own Brain Tuner after attending a seminar in Quebec, Canada in 1982. He met a researcher who had visited Russia to learn about a device that was highly effective with addictions. This researcher told Bob, she "had finally located the secret frequency that was causing the tissue to rejuvenate. … Now there are three magic numbers which caused the rejuvenation, the healing, rapid re–stimulation of the neuro–transmitters. … they are in the little box that we built." In fact Beck's device has over 200 beneficial frequencies. The first unit was called a BT5. Later, Bob added extra settings in a model called the BT6. For his work with the brain Bob Beck received the John Fetzer Foundation pioneering award in 1990. Research with Beck's Brain Tuner gained attention in two books published in the 90's: Mega Brain Power, by Michael Hutchison and Super–Learning 2000 by Sheila Ostrander & Lynn Schroeder. More recently, James Oschman referred to Beck's research in Energy Medicine, The Scientific Basis. " [2] criticism

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