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Robert D Carpenter was a Senior Research Scientist at PM's Richmond laboratories specialising in biomedical research. He worked alongside Thomas S Osdene and under Helmut Wakeham. He seems to have been left behind by Osdene in his climb up the corporate ladder.

Documents & Timeline

1967 Mar 30 Memo from Helmut Wakeham at Philip Morris to his subordinates Thomas Osdene and Robert Carpenter. He had had a conversation with biomedical researcher Freddy Homberger re the research of Walter Dontenwill ar the German Verband and Ernst Wynder at the American Health Foundation, which carried the implication that nitrosoamine was a cancer initiator in hamsters..

Wakeham mentions that Bio-Research are doing chronic exposure tests with hamsters - 5 sec/minute bursts of smoke 3 times a day (sponsored by CTR) He remarks that "This sounds more and more like what we are doing at INBIFO" [2]

[Philip Morris had secretly purchased the German research laboratory INBIFO to carry out animal and other research into smoking and health that they couldn't afford to do in the US (in case of court discovery of documents proving they knew about the harm from cigarettes).
Walter Dontenwill was head of the German tobacco manufacturing industry's Verband der Cigarettenindustrie Research Institute (aka Verband), while Ernst Wynder ran the American Health Foundation and was convinced he could produce a 'safer cigarette' ]