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Robert Gehri is principal research specialist with Southern Company Services[1]; in 2003 his title was Climate Change Issues Manager.[2]


In 1998, Gehri represented The Southern Company on the 1998 Global Climate Science Communications Team whose leaked memo laid out plans for a climate disinformation campaign.

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  1. S. Heather Duncan (2007-06-08). Georgia creates first state-wide Carbon registry for NIPF owners. Southern Regional Extension Forestry. Retrieved on 2010-01-02. “Southern Company, which owns Georgia Power, would likely use Georgia's carbon registry once federal limits are set for greenhouse gases, said Bob Gehri, principal research specialist with Southern Company Services.”
  2. 2003 National Conference. Society of Women Engineers (2003). Retrieved on 2010-01-02. “(Session: The Global Climate: An Environment of Change)... Dr. Ruth Reck...Dr. Deborah Clark...Dr. Ana Barros...Dr. John Christy...Dr. Graeme Lockaby...Moderated by: Robert Gehri, Climate Change Issues Manager, Southern Company”

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