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Robert Horvitz founded a nonprofit organization called Open Spectrum International in August 2004, which aims to "try to persuade telecom regulators to let the public use more of the radio spectrum without a license." [1]

Horvitz coordinates funding for ZaMir through the Internet Program of the Soros Foundation's Open Society Institute in Prague. [2]

Work experience

Horvitz taught history of electronic media at the Rhode Island School of Design (USA) during the 1970s and in the 1980s was a correspondent for Radio Netherlands World Service.

In 1985 Horvitz registered as a public-interest lobbyist, and became head of the Association of North American Radio Clubs.

In 1990 he worked as a radio specialist at Internews, "working on initial "needs assessment" for the development of local broadcasting in the post-communist countries, which was sponsored by the (US) National Endowment for Democracy. "Local Radio Handbook for East and Central Europe" (1990),republished many times and translated into 6 languages (Armenian, Czech, Hungarian, Macedonian, Romanian and Russian)." [3]

"Following Horvitz' recommendation Internews opened an office in Central Europe, he moved to Prague (1991) to do just that. Subsequently Horvitz was hired by the Soros foundations as their regional consultant for radio, the following 4 years he helped to start new local radio stations in Central Asia and SE Europe. 1995-1997 coordinator of the Soros foundation's Internet program. In 2000 Horvitz joined the Global Internet Policy Initiative (GIPI), working first as regional manager for Central/SE Europe, then as field manager for the whole project." [4]

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