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Dr. Robert J. Hermann of Hartford, Connecticut, is "Senior Partner, Global Technology Partners, LLC. He retired as Senior Vice President for Science and Technology of the United Technologies Corporation in March 1998. He is a former Director of the Defense Department's National Reconnaissance Office and a former senior official at the National Security Agency."[1]

Hermann served as a member of the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board during the William Jefferson Clinton Administration (1993-1995).

According to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) web site, Robert J. Hermann is a Special Advisor to the Institute.

"Dr. Robert J. Hermann concluded his tenure as Immediate Past Chairman of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Board of Directors at the end of 2002 following a two-year term; he had served as chairman of the ANSI Board of Directors during 1999 and 2000 and as a member of the ANSI Board since 1993.

"Dr. Hermann continues to serve as a senior partner of Global Technology Partners, LLC, which specializes in investments in technology, defense, aerospace and related businesses worldwide.

"In 1998, Dr. Hermann retired from United Technologies Corporation where he held the position of senior vice president, science and technology. In this role, he was responsible for assuring the development of the company's technical resources and the full exploitation of science and technology by the corporation. He was also responsible for the United Technologies Research Center. Dr. Hermann joined the company in 1982 as vice-president, systems technology, in the electronics sector and later served in a series of assignments in the defense and space systems groups prior to being named vice-president, science and technology.

"Prior to joining UTC, he served 20 years with the National Security Agency with assignments in research and development, operations and NATO. In 1977, he was appointed principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Communications, Command, Control and Intelligence. In 1979, he was named Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for research, development and logistics and in parallel was Director of the National Reconnaissance Office.

"He received B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering from Iowa State University." (January 2003).

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