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"Robert Lawlor is the author of the books Earth Honoring: The New Male Sexuality, Sacred Geometry and Voices of the First Day. Robert Lawlor was one of the original members of Auroville in India. Formerly an artist living in New York Lawlor discovered the works of Schwaller DeLubicz and moved to France. After studying with Schwaller's daughter Lucie Lamy, Robert, and his wife Deborah, went on to translate several of DeLubicz's works into English including the voluminous Temple of Man series. Robert then moved to Australia where he became interested in the ways of the local aboriginal culture of Australia. His experiences with this most primal and original race turned into his classic investigation Voices of the First Day.

"Robert Lawlor is the translator of R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz's masterwork - The Temple of Man- the culmination of his exhaustive 12-year study at the great temple of Amun-Mut-Khonsu at Luxor, which is revealed to be an architectural encyclopedia of humanity and the universe...

"Robert Lawlor is a film producer, anthropologist, mythographer, symbologist and author of several books. He has lived in remote parts of Australia over the last 25 years, and has studied aboriginal culture firsthand. Robert is the author of the recently published the critically acclaimed "Voices of the First Day: Awakening in the Aboriginal Dreamtime". Lawlor seems well qualified to guide us on this journey. He has spent much of his life studying ancient civilizations, particularly ancient Egypt. He lived and worked for six years with Dravidian village people in South India and has spent another ten years on an island off the coast of Tasmania considered by the Aborigines to be the sacred abode of their deceased ancestors. He presents a remarkably comprehensive and fascinating account of the Aboriginal worldview and its potential usefulness in imagining future directions for our own faltering culture. The book explores the Aboriginal approach to such concepts as the creation of humanity, time and space, the power of the earth's magnetic forces, kinship, life cycles, male and female roles, sexuality, death, and mysticism.

"Robert Lawlor received a Master's Degree in Painting and Sculpture from Pratt Institute N.Y.C., while living an "artist's life" on the lower East-Side of Manhattan during the cultural revolutionary years of the early 1960's. After falling ill from toxic substances in his sculptural materials, he left New York, via a freighter, to then hitch-hike throughout Turkey and the Middle East for over a year and to finally arrive in South India and the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, in Pondicherry.

"During a seven year sojourn in India he studied Yoga and Indian philosophy. While experimenting with indigenous materials and village architecture, he was continuing to do paintings and to teach himself a little about writing and translating. In 1968 Robert, with his then partner Deborah Lawlor , was amongst the earliest pioneers in the utopian "New Age" community of Auroville. It was here that Robert became aware of the work of R.A Shwaller de Lubicz, and the role of Geometry in the Metaphysical Vision of Ancient Egypt.

"In 1974 both Robert and Deborah left Auroville, India, heading toward the south of France and to the study of Egyptian Hieroglyphics, mathematics, mythology, geometry, symbolism and architecture with Lucie Lamy, the step daughter of Schwall de Lubitcz and daughter of Isha Lamy, an accomplished esoteric writer and homeopath.

"During this eight year tutelage from Lucie Lamy, Robert and Deborah completed the 1300 page translation of The Temple of Man It was also during this period they discovered the work of the French Indianologist, Alain Daniêlu and began translating several of his works while reconciling the many shared aspects of Hindu and Egyptian cosmology.

"With the Temple of Man translation completed, they "retired" to Australia where Robert produced Sacred Geometry - Its Philosophy and Practice for Thames Hudson London 1982 - a book that was to remain continually in print for thirty three years. Robert began teaching Sacred Geometry with Keith Critchlow in the USA for eight consecutive summers. Here he produced two books, Geometry and Architecture and with Keith Critchlow, Homage to Pythagoras - Rediscovering sacred science.

"Robert also wrote Earth honouring - Towards a New Male Sexuality This book describes how our gender and sexual relationships correspond to our societal attitudes towards the earth. The book was followed by a much acclaimed work about our original human culture, Voices of the First Day Awakening in the Aboriginal Dreamtime. This work emphasised how Egypt and Indian beliefs and attitude echoed much of this most ancient aboriginal tradition.

"With this backdrop, Robert's most recent work,. The Geometry of the End of Time - Proportion Prophecy and Power, reveals how the geometries of space and form are likewise imprinted in the Cyclic Laws of Time. Utilizing the ancient long-count calendars and temporal monuments of the Sumerians, Mayans, Druids, Persians, Greeks, Egyptian and Indian Cultures, Robert explores how the corresponding geometric and harmonic patterns in these great cycles of time impose a hidden Prophetic order upon the events of history and the development of human consciousness, past, present as well as toward the impending End of Time." [1]

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